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Sailing and water sports


Sailing and watersports

Water sports, and more particularly sailing, are activities that convey notions of sharing and respect where the human being remains at the centre. From Lake Geneva, to the banks of the Rhine, to the high seas, the events we sponsor all feature amateurs and professionals who cultivate their passion by seeking excellence, performance and fair play. Whether they are experienced or still in the junior categories, our ambassadors promote innovation, team spirit, the environment and the desire to surpass oneself.

Bol d'Or Mirabaud

The Bol d’Or Mirabaud is the largest inland regatta in the world. It is held annually on Lake Geneva, attracting 500 boats and 3,000 participants, both amateurs and seasoned sailors. 

Open to experienced or novice sailors, but also to the public, the Bol d'Or Mirabaud is also an exceptional opportunity to showcase a region, a sumptuous environment and setting, cradle of Mirabaud since 1819!

This emblematic regatta echoes our values and illustrates our link with water, the emblem and metaphor of the Mirabaud Group and family for over 200 years.

Supported by the Group since 2005, the race has borne the name of Mirabaud since 2007 when the Group became the Title Partner. 2024 marks our 20 years of partnership with this emblematic regatta and the Societe Nautique de Geneve.

Watch the video recounting the highlights of our 20 years of partnership

Find out more about our commitment to the Bol d’Or Mirabaud

Find out more on Bol d'Or Mirabaud's official website

The Sailing Squad

On the occasion of the 82nd edition of the Bol d'Or Mirabaud, we have created a unique concept, a sort of "Master Chef" of sailing. This mini-series is named The Sailing Squad.

The Sailing Squad tells the story of young international sailors who meet for the first time in Geneva during the mythical Bol d'or Mirabaud sailing race. The young sailors are mentored by double Olympic champion and British TV presenter Shirley Robertson.

They have only few days to get to know each other, set up a strategy, discover Lake Geneva and the boat that will take them on this adventure.

A lot of things will happen to them throughout this journey, surprises and above all a lot of emotion for memories that will remain engraved in their minds forever.


Read our press release here

Mirabaud Baselhead Regatta

The Mirabaud BaselHead Regatta is the largest eight-man rowing boat competition in the German-speaking part of Europe. 100 crews from 10 nations compete in a 6.4 kilometer chase race in the heart of Basel. Mirabaud has been the event's title partner since 2019.

The exceptional course takes the competitors under three bridges across the center of Basel. It requires a great deal of talent and skill on the part of the crews, who are supported by the spectators all along the course!


Find out more on Mirabaud Baselhead Regatta's official website

The Rowing Squad

In order to support young female competitors in this very intense sport, we have gathered a fantastic team of young women from the Swiss Rowing Association to participate in the 12th edition of the Mirabaud BaselHead Regatta. 

The team is motivated to win the 6.4 km chase, which takes 100 crews from 10 nations under three bridges and is witnessed by spectators all along the way.

During the preparation, the ROWING SQUAD goes through a journey full of surprises, emotions, sometimes questionning, but above all memories that will remain forever engraved in their minds.

Inspired by The Sailing Squad, The Rowing Squad is an exciting documentary series about team spirit, hard work and, above all, passion!


Watch the mini-series 

Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image

Created in 2010, the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image is the leading photography competition dedicated to sailing as a competitive sport, honouring the most beautiful photographs taken during the year. These must reflect the essence, aesthetics and dynamism of the sport.


Find out more on Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image's official website

SUI Sailing Awards

Mirabaud's long history in the world of sailing is exemplified not only by its sponsorship of competitions and events, but also by its support for talented sailors. The group is one of the partners of SUI Sailing Awards, which rewards the most deserving figures in the sailing arena.


Find out more on SUI Sailing Awards' official website

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