Mirabaud’s corporate social responsibility involves actively supporting employees’ well-being and professional development.

In all its business lines, subsidiaries and branches, Mirabaud brings together talent in a variety of roles and professions. The bank’s main asset is its employees, whatever their area of expertise. Each and every person, with their expertise and commitment, plays a role in serving Mirabaud’s clients and therefore in the Group’s success.

Mirabaud is aware of the importance of human capital and the benefit of working with motivated and dynamic employees who are experts in their fields; it strives to instil a corporate culture of excellence that is both stimulating and respectful of others. The Group is actively involved in recruiting talent and fostering their personal and professional development internally.

Mirabaud offers generous terms of employment and provides employees with a competitive remuneration package. Mirabaud gives employees the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and improve their skills through a wide range of excellent external training programmes.

Employees benefit from a variety of cultural and sporting activities during their free time. These activities help to achieve work-life balance, encourage employees to support the corporate culture and build on these valued employee relations.

Ensuring high-quality working conditions is a priority. Mirabaud takes the necessary logistical and organisational measures to ensure safety at work as well as the physical and mental health of its employees in all subsidiaries and branches. These are frequently reassessed and adjusted to conform to any new requirements.

The diversity and inclusion of Mirabaud employees - a representation of the company itself - is valuable and an essential asset in improving how we serve an equally diverse client base. In line with its values, Mirabaud strongly condemns discrimination or harassment, actively striving for equal treatment for all its employees and the fostering of a safe working environment.



To encourage a corporate culture that respects all employees, while striving to attract, foster and retain talent.



  • Mirabaud is committed to providing its employees with a healthy and comfortable working environment.
  • Mirabaud is committed to retaining, developing and supporting its talent.
  • Mirabaud is committed to promoting employee diversity, inclusion and equal treatment.


  • Employee satisfaction and training
  • Health and safety at work
  • Diversity, inclusion and equal treatment of employees
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Mirabaud’s social responsibility involves actively supporting employees’ well-being and professional development.