As a family owned business with over 200 years of history, we maintain a long-term perspective in all our activities; as entrepreneurs, we think in terms of years, not quarters.

We have always been focused on serving our clients, which means we only pursue objectives that are fully aligned with our clients' interests in order to meet their current and evolving needs.


For 200 years, our business has been transmitted from generation to generation, stronger and relevant to its time.

Today, this broader sense of responsibility and sustainability expresses itself in our relationships with clients, our staff, our brand and towards society in general.


Our conviction is that human talent can make a difference from the way we serve our clients to the way we run our business as entrepreneurs.

We focus on giving our experts the culture and environment they need in order to express their talent, convictions, long-term views and ultimately allow them to deliver value for our clients.


At Mirabaud, passion brings motivation and dedication together to enable servicing excellence.

This passion extends to our interaction with clients, as well as the way we face challenges on their behalf.