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The Rowing Squad

Mirabaud BaselHead Regatta 2022

The Rowing Squad

In order to support young female competitors in this very intense sport, we have gathered a fantastic team of young women from the Swiss Rowing Association to participate in the 12th edition of the Mirabaud BaselHead Regatta. 

Inspired by The Sailing Squad, The Rowing Squad is an exciting documentary series about team spirit, hard work and, above all, passion!

Most of these girls are preparing for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The team is motivated to win the 6.4 km chase, which takes 100 crews from 10 nations under three bridges and is witnessed by spectators all along the way. During the preparation, the ROWING SQUAD goes through a journey full of surprises, emotions, sometimes questionning, but above all memories that will remain forever engraved in their minds.

Follow Sofia Meakin and her teammates on their journey through the Mirabaud BaselHead Regatta 2022!

The Rowing Squad

2 Episodes

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Episode 1

Building a winning team

Sofia Meakin, former world rowing champion, recently underwent surgery on both arms. She is still recovering. Will she make it back into the Swiss national team on time? What will be the coach's strategy to build a winning team for the race?

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Episode 2

The race

This is the day. The 6.4 km race starts upstream in the centre of Basel, makes a 180° turn and returns downstream. Will the ROWING SQUAD be able to cope with the changing conditions? Get on board with the team and follow their adventure "from the inside".

The Rowing Squad

The Team


StrSofia Meakin
7Pascale Walker
Fabienne Schweizer
5Salome Ulrich
4Olivia Roth
3Nina Wettstein
2Alina Berset
BThalia Ahumada
CoxOlivia Nacht
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