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Mirabaud Group

Corporate responsibility

Mirabaud’s vision, mission and core values are at the forefront of all our activities. These aspects have conveyed our Group’s culture since it was founded in 1819 and are also at the heart of our corporate responsibility strategy (CSR).

Environmental Responsibility

Corporate responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Mirabaud’s environmental responsibility is reflected through its consistent consideration of the environment and natural resources in the context of its activities.

Mirabaud is fully aware of the importance of taking today’s environmental issues into account. The alarming trends of climate change and the overconsumption of natural resources affect everyone in society and require an ambitious, collective response. In this respect, Mirabaud plays its part in addressing these issues through various initiatives. Mirabaud is taking steps to significantly reduce its environmental impact and usage of natural resources by improving its daily practices for the Group as a whole.

With the aim of reducing its carbon footprint, Mirabaud measures both its direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions linked to its electricity consumption, in particular. The Group carries out a comprehensive, quantitative assessment of its carbon footprint before adopting targeted measures to reduce the impact of emissions that arise from its activities. Examples of areas where measures are being implemented include energy supply and optimisation, building insulation and business travel.

In all its subsidiaries and branches, Mirabaud also assumes responsibility for the management of natural resources and waste. Employees are made aware of the importance of optimising resources at the workplace (paper, water, electricity). Facilities are made available for waste to be separated and then recycled.

When it comes to its purchases, Mirabaud seeks to source responsibly. Environmental criteria are consistently taken into account when making purchasing decisions for equipment and services.


To reduce the environmental impact of our activities.



  • Mirabaud is committed to preserving natural resources.
  • Mirabaud is committed to understanding its impact on the environment and to limiting it.
  • Mirabaud is committed to optimising its waste management practices.



  • Management and reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Responsible resources and waste management
  • Responsible purchasing and procurement



More about the UN SDGs

Mirabaud’s environmental responsibility is reflected through its consistent consideration of the environment and natural resources in the context of its activities

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