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Mirabaud Group


Passion, conviction, independence and responsibility are the values we seek in our partnerships, whether local or international. At Mirabaud, we like to promote initiatives related to water sports and contemporary art. We support courageous and daring men and women from different cultures and generations who are moving through time with excellence and an eye to the future.

We are committed to these actors and help them forge privileged links with the world of finance, but we also strive to help them in their own careers and to advance in their ecosystem.

These artists and sportsmen also force us to take a different look at the world around us. They surprise us, question us, fascinate us and help us to free ourselves from normality.

Discover our partnerships

Sailing and water sports

Water sports, and more particularly sailing, are activities that convey notions of sharing and respect where the human being remains at the centre. Whether they are experienced or still in the junior categories, our ambassadors promote innovation, team spirit, the environment and the desire to surpass oneself.

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Contemporary Art

In a spirit of sharing, discovery and modernity, Mirabaud has been actively involved for several decades with museums, artists, fairs and events to promote contemporary art. Contemporary art encourages us to take a different look at the world around us. It questions us, challenges us and surprises us. It also sometimes disturbs us and shakes up our senses in a salutary way when creativity breaks free from the frameworks we are used to.

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