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Bol d'Or Mirabaud: An Embodiment of Mirabaud's Commitment to Excellence


Bol d'Or Mirabaud: An Embodiment of Mirabaud's Commitment to Excellence

As the main sponsor of the prestigious Bol d'Or Mirabaud, Mirabaud demonstrates its unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. This world-renowned sailing regatta reflects the core values that have propelled Mirabaud to its position as a leading global wealth and asset management company.

Mirabaud's Core Values: Passion, Independence, Conviction, and Responsibility

The Bol d'Or Mirabaud exemplifies Mirabaud's core values of passion, independence, conviction, and responsibility, crucial in both sailing and finance.

Passion fuels excellence among sailors and finance professionals, dedicating countless hours to skill refinement and success pursuit.

Independence in sailing requires adapting to conditions and charting individual courses, paralleling Mirabaud's financial agility and flexibility, delivering client-specific solutions.

Conviction powers sailors through challenges, pushing beyond limits. Similarly, Mirabaud's professionals exhibit conviction by adhering to their strategies and principles, constantly seeking optimal client outcomes.

Responsibility in sailing entails each member's role and the boat's overall safety and performance. Mirabaud, in finance, upholds the highest personal responsibility standards and ethical conduct, fostering sustainable investing and global positive impact.

A Shared Passion for Performance

The Bol d'Or Mirabaud showcases skilled sailors, reflecting Mirabaud's commitment to exceptional performance. The event also exemplifies teamwork, dedication, and expertise, traits that resonate with Mirabaud's approach to wealth management, asset management, and corporate finance.

Sustainability: A Commitment to the Future

The Bol d'Or Mirabaud encourages environmental protection and sustainable practices. Mirabaud aligns with this commitment, integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into its investment strategies. This dedication fosters a sustainable future while ensuring long-term financial growth for clients.

Collaboration: Building Strong Relationships

The Bol d'Or Mirabaud emphasizes camaraderie and collaboration. Mirabaud echoes this by cultivating lasting partnerships with clients, fostering a culture of teamwork among its employees, and valuing partnerships with other organisations, including the sailing community.

Discover the Mirabaud Difference

If you're interested in learning more about how Mirabaud's wealth management, asset management, and corporate finance services can help you navigate the financial world, fill out the contact form below. A representative will reach out to discuss your needs and provide insights specifically curated to your unique financial situation. This is your opportunity to discover the Mirabaud difference, which embodies a commitment to excellence, performance, innovation, sustainability, and strong relationships.



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