Building Bridges 2021

As a partner of Building Bridges, we are proud to announce that the program for the 2021 edition, taking place in Geneva from November 29-December 2, is now live. Building Bridges
is a collaborative effort that aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable financial system.

Registration is free but spaces are limited so register now.

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Mirabaud-Interpeace partnership

To celebrate International Peace Day on September 21st and the Mirabaud-Interpeace partnership, we are delighted to share with you this engaging video highlighting how a peace-building organisation from the right bank of Lake Geneva and a financial group from the left bank can have converging interests.

Wealth Management

Inversión sostenible y responsable

La ISR es una de las principales características de la Responsabilidad Social Empresarial (RSE) del Grupo Mirabaud. Descubre cómo el Wealth Management integra los criterios ESG en nuestras soluciones de inversión.

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Weekly Insights

Plástico, plástico, plástico

Este tema de rápido crecimiento merece una seria atención… ¿Cómo escapamos del plástico y, sobre todo, en qué empresas podríamos invertir para contrarrestar el actual estado de emergencia? John Plassard le cuenta más sobre esto en sus Perspectivas semanales.

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Our take from the latest central bank decisions

What happened lately with the Fed, the Bank of Canada or the ECB and how did all these central bank decisions affect our investment allocation decisions?

Bond moment

The tide will eventually turn

Over the last few years, the European emerging countries have benefited from the negative yield environment. Could these unprecedented market conditions be coming to an end with growing inflation fears?

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Quarterly Strategy (Q4)

Monetary policies are normalising. What is the impact for investors? Listen to our economists Marie Thibout and Valentin Bissat today giving us a complete overview our economic scenario and portfolio positionning.

Views of our experts

Is the plant-based burger sustainable?

As the COP26 recently ended, awareness of the climate emergency is on everyone’s mind worldwide. One activity in particular has been singled out for its negative impact on the climate, as well as water consumption and soil degradation: industrial livestock farming for meat production. But is plant-based burger sustainable?

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Views of our experts

2021: The European year of rail

Stefanie Scholtysik examines why rail remains by far the most energy-efficient mode of transport.

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Sailing & Water sports

Mirabaud BaselHead Regatta

The largest rowing VIIIs race in German-speaking countries took place on Saturday, November 13, in Basel, Switzerland. Learn more about this exceptional course here.

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Arte contemporáneo

Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain (FIAC)

El Grupo Mirabaud, entidad comprometida con la escena del arte contemporáneo, es socio de la FIAC, la prestigiosa Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo. Inicialmente prevista para 2020, la 47ª edición tuvo lugar entre el 21 y el 24 de octubre de 2021 en el Grand Palais Éphémère.

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