The Rowing Squad: Mirabaud BaselHead Regatta 2022

For the 12th edition of the Mirabaud BaselHead Regatta, we gathered a fantastic team of young women to participate to the challenge. 

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Mirabaud announces a multiannual partnership with the Centre Pompidou

Mirabaud Group is pleased to announce a partnership with the Centre Pompidou in Paris and to initiate this cooperative relationship with the exhibition by the famous Swiss-American artist Christian Marclay, running from 16 November 2022 to 27 February 2023.

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My Switzerland

Recession risks have risen sharply in the US and Europe. Inflation reached new highs despite the decline in core inflation driven by higher energy and food prices.

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Weekly Insights

Floating solar panels

With the growing need for renewable energy and the lack of space, many countries are turning to lakes, oceans and other unused water surfaces to use a new advanced method that revolutionises solar panels by making them float. But what are the benefits of this new method?

Bond moment

Is it time to invest?

After a quiet October, the new issue market is buzzing with activity. In order to finance an acquisition, technology giant Oracle was looking to issue 5 billion of dollars over four different maturities. But is this really the time to invest?

Weekly Insights

The 2022 US mid-term elections

While everyone is focused on monetary policy decisions, the U.S. midterm elections are scheduled for November 8. Americans will go to the polls after the November 2020 presidential election and Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump. This is perhaps the most important event of the next few days: the results can have a huge impact on future decisions of the US government. So what are the possible outcomes? In this Weekly Insight, John Plassard presents three different scenarios.

House View

Challenging economic environment

The likelihood of a US recession continues to rise, and energy issues put European activity at risk. As the economic outlook is subdued, how do we invest in this environment? Watch this month’s House View with Marie Thibout, and find out more about our experts’ view!

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Hungry for growth?

Global food delivery companies face slowing growth and rising rates. Over the past few years, the food delivery space has grown significantly by becoming habitual to consumers. The sector’s growth has been driven by the advent of appealing, user-friendly apps and tech-enabled driver networks, coupled with changing consumer expectations and further boosted by the COVID pandemic.

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Views of our experts

Is it 2022, or is it 2000 again?

Weak earnings and outlooks from the mega-cap technology companies have led to comparisons being made to the dotcom 1.0 bust of March 2000. The mega caps are important, not just for sentiment. The scale of these businesses and their market caps and enterprise values have been mesmerising.

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Views of our experts

Moving toward a more sustainable cement?

Following the oil and gas sectors, it is now the turn of the cement industry to be under the spotlight. NGOs in particular are calling on companies like Holcim to shoulder their responsibility for the worsening climate situation. The urgent need to decarbonise cement is now widely acknowledged by the big names in the industry. While some efforts have been made, the steps that still need to be taken to make the industry carbon neutral by 2050, according to its own commitments, are on a partwith the impacts caused on the climate and the environment: gigantic.

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Views of our experts

C-Suite Substitutions: A higher churn in top executive requires investor vigilance

The wave of C-Suite executives who seem to have decided that the (economic) heat in the (macro) kitchen is too hot and are jumping ship continues to explode higher. On the other hand, Board members are also looking to replace top management with those more skilled in handling downturns. This has several consequences for investors who need to be even more forensic when assessing a company’s management.

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