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Grupo Mirabaud


Valores son un conjunto de principios fundamentales que dan forma a cada aspecto de nuestro Grupo. Están en el núcleo de nuestra marca. Afectan las elecciones que hacemos, las acciones que tomamos y crean la brújula moral de nuestro Grupo. Definen nuestra cultura y cómo hacemos las cosas.


Como empresa familiar con más de 200 años de historia, mantenemos una perspectiva a largo plazo en todas nuestras actividades. Y como empresarios, pensamos en anuales, no trimestrales.

Siempre nos hemos centrado en dar el mejor servicio a nuestros clientes, con objetivos totalmente alineados con sus intereses para satisfacer sus necesidades actuales y futuras.


Tenemos la convicción de que el talento humano marca la diferencia, desde nuestra forma de dar servicio a nuestros clientes, hasta la manera en que dirigimos nuestro negocio como empresarios.

Nos centramos en proporcionar a nuestros expertos la cultura y el entorno que necesitan para expresar su talento, sus convicciones, sus puntos de vista a largo plazo y, por supuesto, permitirles ofrecer el mayor valor a nuestros clientes.


Durante más de 200 años, nuestro negocio se ha transmitido de generación en generación, ganando fuerza y adaptándose a cada nueva época. Hoy, nuestro amplio sentido de la responsabilidad y la sostenibilidad se expresa cada día en las relaciones con nuestros clientes, nuestro equipo, nuestra marca y con la sociedad en general.


En Mirabaud, unimos motivación y dedicación con pasión para alcanzar excelencia en el servicio; desde la forma en que interactuamos con nuestros clientes, hasta la manera con la que enfrentamos los desafíos mundiales a su favor.


The reasons to believe in Switzerland

Swiss personalities believe in our values

"The reasons to believe in Switzerland" is an initiative launched in 2020 by the Mirabaud Group in collaboration with two scientific partners, the EPFL and the swissnex Network, whose influence extends far beyond our borders. Initially planned as a major conference held at the SwissTech Convention Center, the project evolved - for obvious sanitary reasons - into a series of mini-videos, gathering the view & thoughts of a variety of Swiss figures, who embody the Switzerland of today.

Our aim is to be part of a reflection on our country and thus contribute to making its many qualities more widely known. Switzerland is much more than chocolate, watches, banks and mountains. We owe a great deal to this country, to its political and monetary stability, to its educational system, to its openness towards the world and to its constant willingness to be at the forefront of innovation.


Through this modest contribution, of a deliberate light and offbeat tone, we would like to thank Switzerland and open the eyes of its detractors to the chance we have to evolve, every day, in a safe and empowering environment.

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Melanie Oesch

Melanie Oesch is the icon of modern yodelling and the singer of the band "Oesch's die Dritten". She has succeeded in making people love yodelling far beyond the Swiss borders.

My wildest dream is that yodelling would one day become the fifth national language.

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Choreographer & creator

Daniele Finzi Pasca

Daniele Finzi Pasca is a world-famous choreographer and creator. Among other things, he has co-directed 3 Olympic Games ceremonies, 2 Cirque du Soleil shows and the 2019 Fête des Vignerons in Vevey.

Inspiration comes through intuitions, and intuitions, you have to go looking for them. It's like collecting mushrooms!

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Humorist and imitator

Yann Lambiel

Yann Lambiel is one of the favourite humorists and imitators of the French speaking part of Switzerland. He sketches Swiss and international news by playing many characters, from Roger Federer to Guy Parmelin.

You have to accept defeat in order to reach a compromise.

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Chairwomen of the Executive Board of economiesuisse

Monika Rühl

Monika Rühl has been Chairwoman of the Executive Board of economiesuisse since 2014. The umbrella organisation represents more than 100,000 Swiss companies from all sectors and 2 million jobs.

There is a strong cooperation between the large companies and the small and medium-sized companies. This gives us a unique economic fabric.

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Virologist & EPFL professor

Didier Trono

Didier Trono is a full professor at the EPFL and is one of Switzerland's leading experts in virology and genetics.

My wildest dream is to save the world!

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Swiss triathlete

Daniela Ryf

Daniela Ryf is a professional Swiss triathlete and multiple Ironman World Champion.

The biggest challenge, during the Ironman, is in the head.

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President of FC St. Gallen

Matthias Hüppi

Matthias Hüppi is a former journalist and reporter for the Swiss German television SRF. He is currently President of FC St. Gallen.

Every day something unexpected happens and I must be able to react properly.

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Swiss extreme sportswoman

Géraldine Fasnacht

Géraldine Fasnacht is a Swiss extreme sportswoman, freeride champion in snowboard and base jump.

I believe in Switzerland because we are a country of hard-working people.

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John Armleder

John Armleder is one of Switzerland's most important contemporary artists.

I am absolutely not a nationalist, I don’t believe in a country. I believe in people, in the earth’s population and potentially in other planets’ inhabitants.

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Vice-president for Education, EPFL

Pierre Vandergheynst

Pierre Vandergheynst is the Vice-President for Education at the EPFL.

Being a finished product at the end of our university studies is a conception of the past.

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Raphaël Domjan

Raphaël Domjan is an eco-adventurer who has completed the first solar-powered round-the-world trip with the PlanetSolar catamaran. He now leads the SolarStratos project, which aim is to fly into the stratosphere with a solar aeroplane.

Today, I expect from Switzerland a change of paradigm.

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Football professional

Michel Pont

Michel Pont was a professional football player and assistant trainer of the Swiss national team between 2001 and 2014. He participated in three World Cups (2006, 2010 and 2014).

Today we are in the top ten in the football world rankings.

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Managing partner at Mirabaud

Camille Vial

Camille Vial is the first woman to be a Managing Partner at Mirabaud.

I strongly believe that sustainable finance can no longer be an exception for banks, but rather the absolute norm.

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Director general, HUG

Bertrand Levrat

Bertrand Levrat is the Director General of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG).

Leadership is about making my employees' eyes shine.

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Swiss Politician

Adolf Ogi

Adolf Ogi is a Swiss politician. He was elected to the Swiss Federal Council from 1987 to 2000 and was twice president of the Confederation.

Switzerland has enjoyed peace and freedom since 1848. That is a world record!

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CEO of Panerai

Jean-Marc Pontroué

Jean-Marc Pontroué is the CEO of the watch brand Panerai, owned by the Richemont Group.

We are 8 million ambassadors promoting Switzerland today.

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