Weekly Thoughts

Weekly Thoughts by Mirabaud Securities - 13 September 2019

Every Friday, some insights on the most notable events of the week and their impact on the market, analyzed by the specialists of Mirabaud Securities.

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Press releases

Mirabaud obtains an A+ in the Principles for Responsible Investment

Geneva 9. September - Mirabaud Group is pleased to announce the improvement of its PRI scoring, placing it well ahead of the industry average and outperforming in each of the considered categories.

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Global Presence

Mirabaud offers Wealth Management services in Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Luxembourg, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, London, Montreal, Dubai and Montevideo.

Global expertise and customised service

In today's complex, internationalised and interconnected world, wealth management requires global expertise. Mirabaud provides you with the customised service and know-how you need to design solutions that will support you over the long term, integrating your financial, family and professional parameters.

Bespoke solutions

This approach, based on an in-depth analysis of your needs, means we can construct bespoke portfolios and offer investment advice that satisfies the most discerning clients. It also allows us to incorporate "bigger picture" issues such as wealth and succession planning, taxation and pensions, while at all times keeping an eye on the next generation.