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Facial recognition

Facial recognition may sound like science fiction but it is increasingly present… how does this technology work exactly, how is it used and viewed from an investment perspective? Listen to John Plassard’s opinion on this growing subject.


Good morning and welcome to Weekly Insights with John Plassard.

Facial recognition may sound like science fiction, but it is increasingly present in our daily lives under Chinese leadership. According to the definition, facial recognition is software that identifies an individual based on a photo or a 3D model created from multiple images of the person. This program is common in the security field, in order to identify criminals or missing persons and authorize access to certain public places.

By analyzing the characteristics of a face, the algorithm compares its results to an established database and can be used in marketing to analyze and target a clientele according to its gender or age.The facial recognition technique made possible by artificial intelligence (AI) is also beginning to be deployed in American airports to scan the faces of all travelers. At Amazon, a system of surveillance cameras and sensors is expected to eliminate the risk of theft at a new store in Seattle equipped only with automated checkouts. Artificial intelligence facial recognition techniques not only identify people, but also their emotions, and thus ultimately prevent someone from using grime to escape the camera. IHS Markit estimates that by 2021, more than 1 billion surveillance cameras were installed worldwide. The firm also estimates that 54 percent of these cameras are located in China.

If we assume that China has 540 million cameras and distribute this number over its population of 1.46 billion, we can reasonably say that there are 373 cameras per 1,000 people. Faced with the incredible density in large cities, governments, companies and households have installed countless security cameras for various purposes, including protection against crime, but also and especially the collection of data for various purposes.

Do not hesitate to ask me for more information on this growing subject. Thank you very much. Have a great week, stay safe and keep on winning!

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