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AI: what’s next?

Currently, a huge focus is made on OpenAI’s bot called ChatGPT but let’s not forget about other impressive artificial intelligence developments such as text-to-image and text-to-video generators.


Good morning and welcome to Weekly Insights.

As you probably know, more and more people are talking about OpenAI's artificial intelligence bot ChatGPT, however, there are currently other developments for artificial intelligence, and several of them will soon be making the buzz including: text-to-video generators.

Even though companies, researchers and social media have been fascinated by AI text-to-image generators recently, some companies are already moving on to the next frontier: AI text-to-video generators.

Text-to-video technology is in its very early stages of development, but it will be the future of marketing. Text-to-video generators, as well as their text-to-image predecessors, use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.

Some companies use autoregressive transformers in natural language modeling. The autoregressive transformer is a decoder that tries to guess the next move or pattern of the image. Other text-to-video generators, like Google’s Imagen video, learn from image and video datasets with already given descriptions.

Text-to-video conversion is more demanding and complicated than text-to-image generators. AI generator has to work harder to predict how well the image shift in time and has to produce numerous images in sequence to capture motion.

Another issue is the lack of large datasets with high-quality videos and the issue of modeling data.

Meta (former Facebook) is a leading company in text-to-video generators. Meta started to work on this project in 2021. Meta is using an autoregressive transformer model without video datasets.

CogVideo is another project aiming to generate AI text-to-video. CogVideo has 9.4 billion parameters and is trained on 5.4 million text-video pairs.

Video is a great tool to expand your content strategy and keep your customers engaged. It significantly increases brand awareness, and traffic and drives sales. Videos help notably to stay visible for longer on social feeds and stand out more.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information’s about this fantastic topic.

Thank you very much. Have a nice week, stay safe and keep on winning.

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