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Ladycat powered by Spindrift Racing wins the 78th Bol d’Or Mirabaud

428 sailboats finished the 78th edition of Bol d’Or Mirabaud, won Saturday evening by catamaran, Ladycat powered by Spindrift Racing, helmed by Xavier Revil. Hungarian monohull, Implant Centre Raffica won the Bol de Vermeil for keeps, a privilege reserved for crews winning three times in five years.

Geneva (Switzerland), June 12, 2016 - Wind, storms, sun and rain, then a long night of calm winds: the 78th Bol d’Or Mirabaud was true to form, offering 520 registered boats a range of conditions worthy of the purest Lake Geneva tradition.

Ladycat powered by Spindrift Racing, Dona Bertarelli’s Décision 35 catamaran, helmed by Xavier Revil, won the race, overshadowing Alinghi (Ernesto Bertarelli) and Mobimo (Christian Wahl). The race started under moderate westerly winds, allowing the fleet a fast start under spinnaker. If the beginning of the race enjoyed better than expected conditions, the dark clouds accumulating over the Jura summits eventually turned to rain over the Grand-Lac (the largest central part of the lake), in the form of a squall offshore from Saint Prex. The wind was never very strong – 15 knots maximum – but strong enough to allow Alinghi to take the lead over Ladycat powered by Spindrift Racing, which led from the start, and to round the midcourse mark three minutes ahead of her. During the return trip, Ladycat powered by Spindrift Racing handled well the lighter wind conditions than were present on the outbound leg, and passed Alinghi.

Xavier Revil, helmsman for Ladycat powered by Spindrift Racing, describes the key moment of the race, “I’d never done it before, but we did a fake jibe at tactician Erwan Israel's initiative, a little past Thonon; we led Alinghi to think we were going to jibe but in reality we just held our course. They fell for it, and it allowed us to stay in a zone we expected to be windier, which turned out to be the case!”

Dona Bertarelli’s gold and black catamaran, dominating the Décision 35 circuit since the beginning of the season, had no further concerns. She crossed the finish line at 18:31:10, with four minutes lead over Alinghi and sixteen over Mobimo. “I am really proud of the crew,” declared Don Bertarelli (who wasn’t aboard) and the end of the race. “They all sailed well both tactically and physically. Their victory is well deserved.”

“Congratulations to all competitors who participated in this splendid Bol d’Or Mirabaud edition. In spite of all kinds of weather conditions, they handled their boats expertly,” explains happily Antonio Palma, Mirabaud associate. We’re especially proud of the physical and tactical performance of Ladycat powered by Spindrift for whom Mirabaud is the principal partner. The crew flew through this D35 trophy circuit this season; it’s impressive but not surprising for a sailing team that’s as talented and complementary as Spindrift.”

M2 catamaran Degroof Petercam, helmed by Fred Moura, won that category.

One the most poignant achievements in this Bol d’Or Mirabaud is the victory by Eagle 20XXL in the C1 category, sailed by Robin Maeder and Félicien Ischer to victory in 15:28, soaking wet after being at the mercy of rain and storms on such a small boat.

In the monohull category, Kiraly Zsolt’s Hungarian Libera, Implant Centre Raffica, won the Bol de Vermeil Trophy for keeps, reserved to crews winning three times in five years.

The ACVL-SRS Challenge, recognizing the best handicap time among all classes combined (TCF1 to 4, SU and GS) was won by Luthi F10, Triumvirat, helmed by Yves Tournier.

In the Surprise class, the best represented with 120 competitors, led by Franck Reinhardt won after 19:21. will be joined on this one-design’s winner’s podium by Skyrim (Nicolas Fabre) and last year’s winner, Damien Mermod.

Beside these official results, Rodolphe Gautier, Organizing Committee president is delighted that “The 2016 Bol d’Or Mirabaud provided the stage for numerous other exploits. The perseverance of all the competitors who, confronted with all types of conditions, deserve recognition. Congratulations to them!”


Ladycat powered by Spindrift Racing crew

  • Xavier Revil (barreur)
  • Erwan Israel (tacticien)
  • Fred Moreau
  • Jacques Guichard
  • Malo Bessec
  • Benjamin Amiot


Final Bol d’Or Mirabaud ranking by class


  1. 1)  Ladycat Powered by Spindrift racing
  2. 2)  Alinghi
  3. 3)  Mobimo


  1. 1)  Degroof Petercam Banque privée
  2. 2)  Swiss Medical Network
  3. 3)  Valruz Creation


  1. 1)  Eagle 20XXL
  2. 2)  Moleson Impressions
  3. 3)  Armen


  1. 1)  Implent Centre Raffica
  2. 2)  Syz & Co
  3. 3)  TBS

Challenge ACVL-SRS

  1. 1)  Triumvirat
  2. 2)  Ardizio
  3. 3)  Zooloo


  1. 1)
  2. 2)  Skyrim
  3. 3)  Pile ou Face

Grand Surprise

  1. 1)  Mea Huna
  2. 2)  Takata
  3. 3)  Sibuya


  1. 1)  Triumvirat
  2. 2)  Aridizio
  3. 3)  Asst’Ko


  1. 1)  Eole 7
  2. 2)  Syneco
  3. 3)  Maki


  1. 1)  Super Josephine
  2. 2)  Bora
  3. 3)  Lof Machine


  1. 1)  Zooloo
  2. 2)  Noname
  3. 3)  Birkibi 

Future Edition on June 16,17 & 18 June 2017    


Bol d'Or Mirabaud

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