Contemporary art

By showcasing contemporary art next to pieces from centuries past, Mirabaud is building a bridge between tradition and modernity – the same notion that drives the long-term vision the Group pursues in its management activities.

That is why Mirabaud invests in budding artists of tomorrow – Omar Ba, Antoine Roegiers, Fabian Marti – as well as established talents – Not Vital, Marina Abramovic, Thomas Ruff. The core works of this collection, exhibited in the Group's offices in Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Paris, London, Luxembourg and Madrid, are selected on the basis of strong convictions.


Mirabaud Art Collection


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Discover the Mirabaud Contemporary Art Collection via our dedicated website.

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Omar Ba

Omar Ba is an artist born in Senegal who today lives in Geneva. His world is peopled with hybrid creatures that come before us hieratically in front of grounds that are usually black. Emerging from this darkness, coloured touches explode on the surface, revealing figures with hidden, mysterious faces. These works tell a story that seeks to erase the frontiers between Africa and Europe, past and present, good and bad.


Stéphane Kropf

Painting is a history of illusion and impressions. Young Swiss artist Stéphane Kropf makes this affirmation the leitmotif of his work and guideline for his artistic research.