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Contemporary Art


Contemporary Art

In a spirit of sharing, discovery and modernity, Mirabaud has been actively involved for several decades with museums, artists, fairs and events to promote contemporary art. This art makes a lasting contribution to the positive development of society and to strengthening the inclusion of the different communities, visions and sensibilities that make up society. Contemporary art encourages us to take a different look at the world around us. It questions us, challenges us and surprises us. It also sometimes disturbs us and shakes up our senses in a salutary way when creativity breaks free from the frameworks we are used to.

Centre Pompidou

Mirabaud has been a partner of the Centre Pompidou since 2022. Each year, the Group supports one of the museum's flagship exhibitions. Founded in 1977 and built by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, the Centre Pompidou is a marvel of contemporary architecture. Located in the heart of Paris and highly controversial at the time of its construction, the building has become one of the icons of modern architecture.

The Centre Pompidou welcomes nearly 6 million visitors a year and houses the National Museum of Modern Art, a huge public reading library, a research library specialising in 20th century art, cinemas and theatres, and a music research institute. The collection of modern and contemporary art now numbers over 120,000 works of art, making it the largest in Europe and the second largest in the world.


Centre Pompidou's official website


As part of its commitment to contemporary art, Mirabaud has been appointed as a partner of the Geneva Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Musée d'art moderne et contemporain, MAMCO) since early 2017.

Today, MAMCO's work is based on an impressive collection of more than 2,500 pieces. It has held more than 500 exhibitions, including major retrospectives of the works of Martin Kippenberger, John M. Armleder, Jim Shaw, Sylvie Fleury, Franz Erhard Walther and Philippe Thomas.

The partnership between Mirabaud and MAMCO is a natural fit: one of Mirabaud's former Partners is a founding member of the museum, and Mirabaud has been a longstanding lead partner of the contemporary art association, Association du Quartier des Bains, and has an art collection containing contemporary works of art as well as older pieces.


MAMCO's official website

Geneva Lux

The motto of Geneva – "Post tenebras Lux" ("light after darkness") – takes on its full meaning with the "Geneva Lux" festival, which, during the period of the year when the nights are at their longest, showcases the streets and certain buildings with light installations.

During 10 nights in January, the lakeside town lights up. Mirabaud is partner of this event since 2017, and since then, one of the 26 installations of the festival can be seen on the façade of the headquarters, called "How High You Can Count", created by the Swiss artist Emilie Ding.


Geneva Lux's official website 

Quartier des bains

Mirabaud is the lead partner of the Quartier des Bains Association.

This organisation was founded in 2004 and links galleries and cultural institutions, with the aim of encouraging and promoting contemporary art in Geneva. As in New York, Paris, Berlin and Zurich, Geneva's art galleries can be found huddled together in one of its districts. Every year, the Quartier des Bains association organises four communal viewings.


Quartier des Bains official website

The Cerezales Antonino y Cinia Foundation (FCAYC)

In line with its commitment to contemporary art, Mirabaud is the partner of the Cerezales Antonino y Cinia Foundation (FCAYC). The foundation is a private institution, dedicated to the development and the transfer of knowledge through two channels: cultural productions and ethno-education. Among the core subjects which articulate these two channels is art as we know it today, music, the environment, sociology and economy.

The desire to ensure that everyone in the community has access to culture and to the production and sharing of knowledge is at the heart of FCAYC’s policy. As an agency for regional development, its function is to be a driving force and a link between local, regional, national and international agents. The headquarters of the Foundation was established in December 2008 in the former school of Cerezales del Condado, a town located 14 miles from the city of León in the Northeast of Spain.


FCAYC official website

A l'Abordage

Mirabaud is pleased to be partner of the artistic initiative A l'Abordage, organized by the Defrancesco Brothers and that aims to transform a lakeside house in Paudex into an ephemeral gallery - offering a total immersion in the world of contemporary art, design and craft.

Under the evocative theme of water, À l'Abordage offers a fascinating exploration of the different interpretations of this element. Each room in the house will become a universe to be discovered, with its own atmospheres and artistic surprises.

Galleries Fabienne Levy, Heinzer Reszler and Xippas will be exhibiting a selection of their work, while EspaceModerne, Renaud Defrancesco Studio, Furlan Marri and J.Hopenstand will be showcasing their carefully selected creations, offering visitors a glimpse of the diversity of the contemporary art and craft scenes.

“At the confluence of Contemporary Art and Water, two themes dear to our Maison, the artistic initiative À l'Abordage has truly inspired us.” explains Lionel Aeschlimann, Managing Partner of Mirabaud.

Bechtler Stiftung

Mirabaud is a proud partner of the Bechtler Stiftung, a renowned institution founded by the Bechtler family. This collaboration marks a new milestone in the commitment of Mirabaud to fostering creativity and enriching cultural engagement in the Zurich region and beyond.

The Bechtler Stiftung, a museum for contemporary art, houses “The 2000 Sculpture” by Walter De Maria and the video installation “I Couldn’t Agree With You More” by Pipilotti Rist, alongside biannual temporary exhibitions showcasing international artists. The museum is located within the picturesque Zellweger Park in Uster, which features large apartment buildings designed by leading Swiss architects and a collection of significant sculptures by renowned artists.

The Bechtler Foundation’s dedication to contemporary art and community engagement resonates deeply with Mirabaud’s values.

Bechtler Stiftung official website

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