Weekly Insights

Higher prices at the pump

Last night, gas prices hit a new all-time high for the 12th day in a row. What are the consequences for the economy?

Bond moment

Fashion victim

Chile is a victim of its own success : its bonds have fallen. Is the country's solvency at risk? Let Catherine Reichlin tell you what's happening.

Weekly Insights

Food protectionism and high inflation

On Saturday, India announced a ban on wheat exports, leading to a new all-time high in wheat prices. Are protectionist steps by exporting countries to be feared? Let John Plassard talk you through this.

Bond moment

Fragmented ESG market

ESG bond funds that do not hold any ESG-labelled funds, China entering the exclusion list of an historical manager and the deterioration of governance in Turkey raising the debate on the country's compatibility with responsible investment are all questions currently being asked in the ESG markets. In this week's Bond Moment, Catherine Reichlin tells us more about the fragmentation of the ESG market.

House View

The hawkish wings of the Federal Reserve continue to spread

As global growth continues to slow and high inflation prompts central banks to adopt tighter monetary policies, what are the investment strategies to adopt? In this video, Gero Jung shares his current views on the economy and the investment outlook.

Weekly Insights

China's situation

Between the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, manufacturing activity in China has fallen to its lowest level for two years. What are the consequences for the Chinese economy? Find out more in this Weekly Insight with John Plassard.

Bond moment

No one is an island

In some cases, distance cannot make us immune. Australian sovereign bond prices have been falling for several sessions lead with the belief that the current monetary policy tightening will be the most aggressive since the 1980s. Listen to Catherine Reichlin's analysis to find out more.

Weekly Insights

A significant rate increase

Tomorrow night's Fed meeting could lead to a significant rate increase that breaks with the tradition of the previous tightening cycle. What would this mean for consumers? John Plassard shares his views in his Weekly Insights.

Bond moment

The return of Godot

After a decade of unconventional monetary policy and negative interest rates, the exit of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine have revived inflation that was to be gone forever. What does this mean for the bond markets?

Bond moment

Beginning of the end

Sri Lanka suspends servicing its foreign debt and seeks IMF support. After 20 years without an Asian country defaulting, what factors led the country into this position? In this week's Bond Moment, Catherine Reichlin, our head of Financial Research, gives us her analysis of the situation.

Weekly Insights

Thriving financial markets

Despite many headwinds (war in Ukraine, return of the Covid in China, higher inflation, inversion of the yield curve or aggressive monetary normalization) the financial markets do not stop progressing… How come?

Bond moment

Save Rhino

Have you ever heard of the "rhino bond", the first Wildlife Conservation Bond issued by the World Bank? Let Catherine Reichlin, our head of Financial Research, tell you all about the functionning of this promising innovation in the bond market.

Weekly Insights


Some individuals are taking back responsibility for their own health and innovating. They are known as Biohackers. From chip implants to meditation, the future of health looks eclectic.

Bond moment

Bond tachycardia

For quite some time, bond markets looked dull but not anymore... Bond markets are under pressure. The fall is worst than during the financial crisis. Where will it stop?

Weekly Insights

Gas, an update on the situation

This week, John Plassard takes a look at gas, its consumption and its prospects in the current context of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. The figures are striking

Ask Mirabaud

An introduction to structured products

Abdel Hamidouche gives you an introduction to structured products in a highly volatile environment with a special focus on BRC, Barrier Reverse Convertibles.

Bond moment

Sustainability Bonds Update

This week, Catherine Reichlin gives us an update on the topic of sustainability bonds through the example of Chile, one of the first nations to strongly adopt this bond format. What's the outcome, how does the market react to this trend?

Weekly Insights

Food supply

Over the next three decades, the world will need to double its food supply to be able to feed its ever growing population. Could vertical farms be the key to overcome the lack of arable land?

Bond moment

China is no exception

While Chinese bonds started the year on the front foot, they have finally been caught up in the turmoil of the bond markets. Sanctions on Russia impact Chinese bonds. How come?

Weekly Insights

The EU’s trade deficit with Russia

Russia’s oil and gas exports have been rising during the past years, giving the country the status of major supplier of the European Union. How can we expect the trade balance to evolve? Let John Plassard talk you through this.