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Mirabaud Asset Management announces its collaboration with CONINCO with a view to launching a Swiss Small Cap fund

Geneva, April 30th 2019 – Mirabaud Asset Management is pleased to announce its collaboration with CONINCO Explorers in finance, a Swiss leader in sustainable investment solutions, which will see both companies will bring their respective expertise in shaping the future Swiss Small Cap landscape.

Mirabaud Asset Management and CONINCO are pleased to announce their collaboration with respect to socially responsible investing by taking a stronger and more proactive engagement approach.

With an outstanding track record in the management of Swiss Small and Mid-Cap portfolios, Mirabaud Asset Management will bring a proven stock picking expertise to investors, second to none in this segment.

CONINCO, an established financial consultant promoting ESG values with conviction for the last ten years, will then, jointly with Mirabaud Asset Management, take the engagement lead with the underlying companies in the portfolio. The basis of this engagement is to show these companies the long term benefits they can unlock while improving their ESG practices.

“We are convinced that the financial markets, as well as the industry, have the power to promote sustainable business practices and address global social and environmental concerns. It is this conviction that guides our efforts to mobilize capital towards creating a positive impact and improve the current ESG picture of these smaller companies”, says Bertrand Bricheux, Global Head of Sales & Marketing, at Mirabaud Asset Management.

“We are convinced adequate implementation of ESG practices will indeed be in favour of long-term performance, with an ever-increasing number of companies striving to improve ESG standards and practices that are rewarded by today’s investment community” outs Hamid Amoura, ISR officer for Mirabaud Group.

Mirabaud Asset Management and CONINCO will look to actively contribute towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations within the Swiss small capitalization segment in which are embedded the mid-cap leaders of tomorrow.

Lionel Aeschlimann, Chief Executive Officer of Mirabaud Asset Management, commented: “We are delighted and proud to pursue our efforts to actively promote socially responsible investing, delivering performant investment solutions that answer such critical global challenges. The collaboration with CONINCO will soon enable us to bring our engagement to another level.”

Olivier Ferrari, CEO and Founder of CONINCO added “This collaboration became obvious very quickly as it fits with what investors are looking for these days: a collaborative approach where respective expertise are leveraged towards a common objective.”    

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