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Legal disclaimer


This publication is prepared by the Mirabaud Group. It is not intended to be distributed, disseminated, published or used in any jurisdiction where such distribution, dissemination, publication or use would be prohibited. It is not intended for people or entities to whom it would be illegal to send such publication.


This publication is purely informative and should not be construed as an offer or recommendation to subscribe, buy, sell, or keep any financial instrument. It reflects the views of the Mirabaud Group at the date of its publication and is not the result of an independent financial research. Mirabaud Group has no obligation to update, modify or amend this publication, or to otherwise notify a recipient thereof, if any opinion set forth in the publication changes or subsequently becomes inaccurate. Unless otherwise indicated, there are no planned updates to this publication.

This publication has been prepared without taking into consideration the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular investor. Any investment decision should only be made by the investor after making a detailed and appropriate analysis, taking into account the sales restrictions and any other risk factor, as well as the legal, regulatory, tax and/or accounting consequences of the specific investment. The recipient of this publication should in particular be advised by a professional advisor to consider the suitability of a particular investment taking into consideration his personal and financial situation.

We remind you that certain investment products and services, including deposits, may be subject to legal and / or regulatory restrictions or may not be available worldwide without restrictions.

The information provided is based on sources believed to be reliable. We make every effort to ensure that the information is up to date, correct and complete but make no representation as to its accuracy or completenessWe remind you that all information, opinions and price indications are subject to change without notice.

The performance indications referred to in this publication are not a forecast or guarantee of future results. The value of any investment in a currency other than the base currency of a portfolio is exposed to currency risk. Rates may fluctuate and adversely affect the value of the investment when it is converted to the base currency of your portfolio. The liquidity of an investment depends on supply and demand. Some products may not have a liquid secondary market or may be difficult to value in extreme market conditions, which may result in price volatility and make it difficult to determine a price for the sale of the financial instrument.

The Mirabaud Group cannot be held liable for any negative consequences resulting from the misuse of this publication, including any losses arising thereof.

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