The Mirabaud Sailing Video Award celebrates the authors of the very best yacht racing videos produced each year around the world. 

Open to professional TV, film and video producers, cameramen, editors and filmmakers, the ‘Mirabaud Sailing Video Award’ also celebrates the professional sailors who film their achievements during regattas. 

Mirabaud has been involved in top level yacht racing events for over a decade. The Group also passionately supports the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award which is destined for photographers, and it is a logical development to extend its support to videos. It was therefore a natural choice for the group to support this project and to increase its global digital reach. 

The winners of the Mirabaud Sailing Video Award were celebrated during the Yacht Racing Forum (Aarhus, Denmark, November 27-28, 2017), in front of the sports’ leading personalities, events, classes, yacht clubs and sponsors.

The main prize - the Mirabaud Sailing Video Award - has been won by Swiss TV producer Roman Brunisholz. The Prize of the Public was awarded to Jérôme Naquet (FRA). The Special Jury Award celebrated the sailor who produced the best on-board video during a race: Kito de Pavant (FRA), a Vendée Globe veteran.