Views of our experts

Electrification: a new era for Utilities

The Utilities sector is experiencing a strong transformation. From a traditional “boring and non-event“ sector, to become the pillar of one of the most ambitions and worldwide shared trends; decarbonising the world, aiming by 2050, Net Zero Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG).

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Views of our experts

Issuer risk in structured products

“I’m talking about a time that those of us under 40 wouldn’t know.” A time when issuer risk was the focal point of investors’ attention and fear. So, despite the “holiday forgetfulness”, it is probably worthwhile to give a brief reminder about issuer risk in structured products.

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Mirabaud Brochure

Find out more about the Mirabaud Group, its activities, its values, its history and its commitments.

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Global Presence

Mirabaud offers Wealth Management services in Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Luxembourg, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, London, Montreal, Dubai, ABU DHABI and Montevideo.

Global expertise and customised service

In today's complex, internationalised and interconnected world, wealth management requires global expertise. Mirabaud provides you with the customised service and know-how you need to design solutions that will support you over the long term, integrating your financial, family and professional parameters.

Bespoke solutions

This approach, based on an in-depth analysis of your needs, means we can construct bespoke portfolios and offer investment advice that satisfies the most discerning clients. It also allows us to incorporate "bigger picture" issues such as wealth and succession planning, taxation and pensions, while at all times keeping an eye on the next generation.