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Mirabaud, a bicentenary family business, joins the Henokiens

Geneva, 31 May 2022 – Mirabaud, a Swiss banking and financial group of international stature, is pleased to announce that it is joining the Henokiens, an association of family companies distinguished by their extraordinary longevity.

Founded in 1981 by Frenchman Gérard Glotin, President of the Marie Brizard company, the Henokiens Association represents family businesses that are guided by a long-term strategy. These companies are all at least 200 years old, majority held and managed by members of the founding family and in good financial health. All this against a background of modernity.

The association currently comprises some 50 companies from nine countries. It takes its name from the biblical patriarch Henok, who lived for 365 years before ascending to heaven without experiencing death.

Nicolas Mirabaud, Managing Partner of the Mirabaud Group, said: “As a representative of the seventh generation of the founding family, I am particularly proud that Mirabaud is joining the Henokiens Association”. Mirabaud, founded in Geneva in 1819, is a family-owned, 100% private company that today specialises in Wealth Management, Asset Management and Corporate Finance services.

“The other three Managing Partners and I are convinced”, Nicolas Mirabaud continued, “that our entrepreneurial spirit and family business model, based on collegiality, enable us to evolve and innovate. Our decisions commit us to future generations; this responsibility is the best guarantee of the company’s sustainability. Our clients come to us because they know that their private and professional assets will be managed in the same way as those of the Mirabaud family”.

Camille Vial, also a member of the seventh generation of the Mirabaud founding family, is a Group Managing Partner and CEO of Mirabaud & Cie SA. Vial added: “The internationalisation the company has experienced over the last 20 years – going from an exclusively Swiss presence to having 50% of its staff abroad – as well as the evolution of its offering, attests to the company’s ability to constantly adapt to the needs of its clients and the challenges of the times. Mirabaud Group’s membership in the Henokiens reflects the company’s desire to preserve its values, which enable it to maintain excellence of service and to build future success.”



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