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Mirabaud Asset Management’s private equity vehicle acquires stake in the Alain Ducasse group

Paris, 30 September 2020 – Mirabaud Asset Management’s private equity Mirabaud Patrimoine Vivant fund has acquired a stake in the Alain Ducasse Group – which has shone as a beacon of excellence in French culinary prowess and art de vivre for more than 30 years.

Michelin-starred chef, Alain Ducasse, founder and CEO of the group, was one of the first in the industry to make naturalness the key ingredient in nourishing French cuisine. His move to bring in new shareholders is aimed at steering his group toward manufacturing and distribution. The continued momentum of the Alain Ducasse La Manufacture de Chocolat and La Manufacture de Café stores reflects the value of this new direction for the group.

Alain Ducasse and Mirabaud Asset Management have signed a strategic agreement, making Mirabaud Patrimoine Vivant a reference shareholder of the Ducasse Group alongside Alain Ducasse, who remains the company’s controlling shareholder.

This investment dovetails perfectly with Mirabaud Patrimoine Vivant’s goal of supporting the growth of European enterprises that showcase unique expertise alongside exceptional entrepreneurs. Global business expansion, transition to a digital business model and the inclusion of corporate social responsibility (CSR) criteria throughout the value chain sit at the heart of the objectives defined by the two new partners.

Renaud Dutreil, Head of Private Equity at Mirabaud Asset Management, comments: “Ducasse Paris is a jewel of French savoir-faire and art de vivre. Led by an impressive entrepreneur and celebrated chef, Ducasse Paris has the potential to become a trusted brand worldwide for natural and premium food products, which is a segment where France should shine. The company’s vision of the future is clear, sound and compelling. We are very proud to be a part of this exciting venture with Alain, who is showing us that even in difficult times, there is a future for those who are bold, those who create and those who believe in French art de vivre.”

Lionel Aeschlimann, Managing Partner and CEO of Mirabaud Asset Management, says: “This strategic agreement with one of the greatest maestros in French gastronomy falls right in line with our entrepreneurial spirit at Mirabaud. Our firm has backed projects and partnered with talented people with strong convictions for over 200 years. It is crucial to promote and support companies like the Alain Ducasse Group that have world-class expertise and ethics.”

Alain Ducasse adds: “For years, I have devoted myself to restoration in all its forms. Thanks to the manufactures’ experience base and the support of Mirabaud Patrimoine Vivant, I will develop another dimension of food. It will still be a question of offering authentic tastes, but this time in shops and not just restaurants.”

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