A selection of stocks to suit every profile

Knowledge of the markets, personalised relationships, proactive communication and customised advice: our experts are committed to steering you towards the best investment opportunities in line with previously defined investment objectives.

  • Preservation: Capital preservation, as far as possible whilst minimising the risk of loss and fluctuation. The portfolio will be to a very large extent invested in fixed-income instruments or money market funds.
  • Return: Return on capital with relatively low risk tolerance. Priority given to investments in fixed-income instruments or money market funds. Recommendations may also be given for equities, equity funds or alternative investments. The reference currency takes priority. 
  • Balanced: Combination of fixed-income and growth-oriented investments with moderate risk tolerance. Investments allocated across bonds, bond funds (or money market instruments), equities, equity funds and alternative investments. Currency diversification is limited.
  • Growth: Capital growth with greater tolerance of the risk of fluctuation and loss. Depending on market conditions, the Principal invests a large part of the portfolio in equities, equity funds or alternative investment funds (“Hedge Funds”).
  • Dynamic: More aggressive capital growth with high risk tolerance. Investments concentrated on equities, equity funds or alternative investments. Search for currency diversification.

Trading desk

By opting for an advisory mandate, clients become their own manager. In certain cases and under certain conditions, access to the experts on the Mirabaud Trading Desk may be proposed in order to obtain precise information on the economic situation and environment.