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Are you ready for the 2.0 artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is set to evolve considerably this year, thanks to nearest-term advancements which will lead to further progress in its abilities.

These new developments include the generation of new kinds of media and their merger with chatbots, the increasingly realistic mimic of human reasoning and a new breed of robot seeping into the physical world.

Our macroeconomic expert, John Plassard, provides his views on the next steps of AI in our latest Weekly Insights.


Are you ready for the 2.0 artificial intelligence? The next step of AI.

The A.I. industry this year is set to be defined by one main characteristic: A remarkably rapid improvement of the technology as advancements build upon one another, enabling A.I. to generate new kinds of media, mimic human reasoning in new ways and seep into the physical world through a new breed of robot. 

In the coming months, A.I.-powered image generators like DALL-E and Midjourney will instantly deliver videos as well as still images. 

And they will gradually merge with chatbots like ChatGPT. That means chatbots will expand well beyond digital text by handling photos, videos, diagrams, charts and other media. 

They will exhibit behavior that looks more like human reasoning, tackling increasingly complex tasks in fields like math and science. As the technology moves into robots, it will also help to solve problems beyond the digital world.

Many of these developments have already started emerging inside the top research labs and in tech products. But in 2024, the power of these products will grow significantly and be used by far more people.

This year, tech companies plan to feed A.I. systems more data — including images, sounds and more text — than people can wrap their heads around.

As these systems learn the relationships between these various kinds of data, they will learn to solve increasingly complex problems, preparing them for life in the physical world.

A.I. is set to change this year, beginning with the nearest-term advancements, which will lead to further progress in its abilities:
instant videos, multimodal chatbots, better Reasoning, AI agents and smarter robots. 

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