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Wealth Management

Your Wealth is not just numbers. Your wealth tells your story, values, hopes and vision for the future. Our mission is to spend time with you to listen and understand that vision, then create actionable strategies for your assets.

Sport related Clients

Wealth Planning

Sport related Clients

The life of an athlete is unique.

Throughout your career, you build up a wealth that is essential to secure in order to cover for your expenses, during and after your career.

Your characteristics and needs are very specific. The period of time during which your income is concentrated, your international mobility and your financial knowledge imply that you cannot simply be advised as a traditional private client. The expert advice of a financial advisor is therefore essential. He or she will help you secure your future and plan for all eventualities.

We have built an exclusive team of professionals with ties to the world of sports who will guide you at every stage in your career, allowing you to focus on your professional and private life with complete peace of mind.

The financial planning of today’s sportspeople is very different from that of their predecessors. Today, the majority of athletes are able to enjoy a long and successful career in sports, thanks to improved training methods and better health education. But what happens when you retire? How can you manage your wealth more efficiently and plan for the future? We provide you with advice on wealth management, tax planning, estate planning and asset protection.

Sport related Clients

Our model

We believe that it is important to consult with you on a personal level. That is why we offer a single point of contact for all your needs. Our advisors will manage your assets based on advisory or discretionary management mandates. You will also be able to access our expertise in private equity, real estate or alternative investments.

Our team of experts will analyse your total assets, reporting and consolidating to help you get to know your options and make informed decisions about your finances and future goals.

Our expertise covers financial and wealth planning, personalised tax reporting (Switzerland and abroad), and succession planning. We offer all the services you need to plan your finances in a way that suits your needs.

We work with clients who want to make intelligent decisions about their wealth and their taxes.

We will help you identify and manage philanthropic investments, as well as review investment opportunities. Our network of specially selected independent experts remain at your disposal in a large number of fields.

Sport related Clients

Financial support at each stage


At any stage of your career, draw up of a financial plan according to your current and future profile


Investment of your savings in sound and diversified portfolios, tailored to clients from the world of sports that take into account any tax restrictions 


Adaptation and adjustment of your investment profile as your career progresses


Flexibility of the chosen investments that can be accessed at short notice, and planning for any unforeseen events that could influence your income

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Wealth management

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Sport related Clients

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