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Renewables gain prominence in Mirabaud’s spanish Equity Research portfolio

Madrid, 15 December 2021 – Mirabaud Equity Research Spain, the area of Mirabaud Specialised Services focused on the financial analysis of Spanish listed companies, has reaffirmed its strong commitment to the renewable energy sector, a market with an extremely positive outlook for the next decade. This sector has captured the interest of investors seeking long-term profitability and visibility, with strong support for the energy transition from governments and regulators, ambitious targets ahead and a time of low interest rates.

Based on these criteria and investors’ strong appetite for assets in the Spanish renewables market, Mirabaud Equities Research España has this year strengthened its portfolio of Spanish listed utilities and IPPs with the addition of Solaria, Solarpack, Soltec, Grenergy and Greenalia. The analysis framework previously included Acciona Energía, Iberdrola, Endesa and Naturgy, as well as major companies such as Repsol, ENCE, Siemens Gamesa, EDP and Global Dominion, which have added renewable energy propositions to their service offering.

Mirabaud Equities Research Spain currently covers the listed companies that stand out as the main players in the Spanish renewables sector, positioning itself as the benchmark entity in this analysis.

Mirabaud Renewables Day - Seminar of Professional Meetings is Launched

At such an important time for the renewables sector, Mirabaud’s equity research team in Spain has launched the Mirabaud Renewables Day initiative, a series of highly specialised professional meetings in workshop format that bring together the major institutional investors with whom the bank works, mainly fund managers, with the renewable-focused companies it covers.
The first event of the landmark initiative, which is intended to continue, was held yesterday, Tuesday 14 December, and was attended by 30 institutional investors who, at this event, were able to focus the discussion on ideas both among themselves and individually with the companies Acciona Energía, EDP Renewables, Siemens Gamesa, Grenergy and Soltec.
As Javier Colás Gómez de Barreda, Managing Director of Mirabaud Specialised Services in Spain, explains: “By holding these types of meetings we are able to add great value for our clients, as they provide an ideal framework for comparing opinions, analysing the renewables market and making the investment decisions that best suit their needs. The aim is to provide them with additional tools that, together with our strategic analyses and other face-to-face meetings in individual format with listed companies that we have been holding for some time, put them in the best position to choose the option that they consider most appropriate”.

The team at Mirabaud Equities Research Spain, with its in-depth knowledge of the Spanish stock market and long-term fundamental analysis, produces an exhaustive report under the umbrella of Strategy Equity Research, which follows a top-down approach.

Mirabaud’s professionals have been at the top of the Starmine Broker rankings since 2010. Their analyses check each Spanish equity asset, providing their clients with as much information as possible on each security in a condensed, transparent and understandable format, even for those who may have little prior knowledge of the company being analysed. Long-term trends in value creation, cash flow or capital allocation are some of the areas that Mirabaud Equities Research Spain’s analysts include in their reports.

One of the key tools for the Mirabaud Equities Research team, in addition to its extensive local market knowledge, is Compass, an advanced analytical model unique to Mirabaud that combines Artificial Intelligence and predictive data analysis, whereby Mirabaud’s experts can complete the quality and relevance assessment of a security with metrics and benchmarks against more than 18,000 stocks globally.

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