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Mirabaud global convertible bond solution awarded coveted SRI label

Paris, 14 May 2020 — Mirabaud Asset Management’s global convertible bond investment solution has been awarded the esteemed SRI label.

Created and supported by the French Finance Ministry, the SRI label is a prominent tool for choosing sustainable and responsible investments. The goal of the label is to increase the visibility of SRI solutions among savers in France, as well as across Europe.

Mirabaud Asset Management continues to integrate ESG considerations into the management of its investment solutions, with the label highlighting the success of its traditional responsible approach. Further demonstrating the group’s increasing commitment to this space, Hamid Amoura was hired to spearhead Mirabaud Asset Management’s Socially Responsible Investment team in September 2018.

A signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment since 2010, Mirabaud Asset Management has a deep commitment to responsible and sustainable management. The broader Mirabaud Group is also dedicated to providing a high-end service to its clients, which are increasingly adopting SRI considerations.

Amoura comments: “We are delighted to have been awarded this label. Our approach combines conviction and a pragmatic attitude regarding the integration of ESG criteria. Our responsible approach aims to measure the level of company responsibility and sustainability, as well as to identify material issues that arise from this. Moreover, shareholder engagement is one of the benchmarks of our SRI approach. It aims to increase the ability of our management teams to identify and evaluate extra-financial issues which are now integral to the value of any company.”

Nicolas Crémieux, senior manager of the global convertible bonds strategy, says: “Integrating ESG data into the investment process is not only an essential complement to the in-depth assessment of a company’s health and sustainability, but also a clear response to the expectations of investors, for whom sound management of environmental and social risks is now crucial.”

Umberto Boccato, head of investments, adds: “It is a privilege to develop within a management company that is as specialised as Mirabaud Asset Management, which, since its creation in 2012, has conveyed the values of a group backed by 200 years of management experience, and has done so with strength and conviction. Independence, Conviction and Responsibility are universal, timeless values, which are reflected by the inclusion of ESG criteria in the Group’s management principles, long before this was a popular concept.”

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