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Mirabaud Asset Management launches its second private equity solution on Lifestyle Impact & Innovation

Luxembourg, 14 January 2020 – Following to the successful launch and closing of its first Private Equity Fund, Mirabaud Asset Management is expanding its investment solutions to offer investors access to innovative businesses within the lifestyle luxury consumer goods sector, with a clear focus on sustainability and social responsibility.

In line with the entrepreneurial approach of the Group, founded in 1819, Mirabaud Asset Management is enhancing its position of being an innovator in the private equity business. An initial theme-based fund dedicated to “Living Heritage Companies” in the luxury and lifestyle sector was successfully closed with EUR 155 million of assets in December 2018.

This second investment solution will enable investors to participate in new technologies, and younger brands with business innovators in the lifestyle industry.

The rapid growth of a globalized middle class that is inter-connected, sensitive, conscious of the planet and defined by its own consumer codes is profoundly disrupting contemporary brands and companies. Business models are already being challenged, particularly when looking at distribution, access to commodities and precious metals. With a millennial led consumption revolution under way, this new investment offering aims to identify and support those European, Asian and to some extent American entrepreneurs who will become key players in the digital, fashion and innovation spheres in the future. Such support will be provided not only via capital injection but also and more importantly with marketing, management, distribution and innovation know-how.

To implement this strategy mixing capital development and venture capital, Mirabaud Asset Management has appointed a new Private Equity Partner, David Wertheimer, who is the 5th generation of a world-renowned fashion industry family. Renaud Dutreil, former French Minister of Small & Medium-Sized Businesses and former President of LVMH North America, and Luc-Alban Chermette will also be key men in this project. This unique combination of skill and expertise makes this team one of very few in the world with the capabilities to identify and partner with tomorrow’s disruptors and shapers of the lifestyle universe.

Mirabaud’s DNA, built around independence, conviction, and responsibility as well as its long term vision, are perfectly aligned with the notion of sustainable growth and the decision was therefore taken to make this new strategy an impact investment offering so as to ensure that investors and society’s concerns with regards to our planet’s future and the human condition are answered. 

David Wertheimer, whose DNA is particularly sensitive to these considerations, said: “Identifying the key players of tomorrow’s landscape in this ever more competitive world of digital information, fashion and experiences in a sustainable way is what motivates me daily “.

Lionel Aeschlimann, Managing Partner of the Mirabaud Group and CEO of Mirabaud Asset Management, says, “It is an honor and a privilege to work with men and women who defend the business world with passion and conviction.  Since entrepreneurship is one of Mirabaud’s core values, what we strive to on a daily basis is to help companies in their international reach, to support them in creating jobs and make them more sensitive to sustainable development. “

For Renaud Dutreil, “The Private Equity offering of Mirabaud has all the characteristics that investors are looking for: an international presence on a human scale, a clear and specialized positioning, a hands-on management approach, a passion for investing, entrepreneurship and a DNA that puts excellence and the alignment of interests at the heart of its value chain. For David Wertheimer, Luc-Alban and myself, working with Mirabaud and its 200 years of family and entrepreneurial history is the perfect set-up to create value for our investors”.

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