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Mirabaud announces partnership with Olympic Cyclist Tota Magalhães as New Brand Ambassador

Sao Paulo - BR

Mirabaud is proud to announce its latest brand ambassador, Ana Vitoria Magalhães, also known as Tota Magalhães, a distinguished 23 years old road cyclist from Brazil. This partnership underscores Mirabaud’s commitment to supporting exceptional talents across diverse disciplines, reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit found in high-level sports: vision, implementation of resources, resilience against challenges, and an unwavering will.

At just 23 years old, Tota’s ascent to the pinnacle of Brazilian road cycling is as inspiring as it is remarkable. Her journey to becoming the 2023 Brazilian Road Cycling Champion began at 14, when she declined a scholarship to an American School. The scholarship promised a future in soccer, but Tota chose to remain close to her family instead. The family bond is epitomized by their annual Christmas cycling ride to the iconic Cristo Redentor – a tradition that sparked Tota’s passion for cycling.

What started as a festive family outing transformed into a serious competitive drive for Tota. Her subsequent achievements in the sport have been nothing short of stellar, earning her the support of notable figures like Bernardinho, an Olympic volleyball coach who also shares her passion for cycling.
With Tota as an ambassador alongside other elite athletes, Mirabaud’s commitment extends beyond the arena into the communities it serves, particularly through the Mirabaud Family Office in Brazil, led by Urbano de Moraes and bolstered by Mirabaud Equity Partner Thiago Frazao, Head of Wealth Management LatAm.

"Having Tota at the 2024 Paris Olympics representing Mirabaud is a source of immense pride for our brand in Brazil. This partnership exemplifies our deep understanding of the local Brazilian market and our ability to combine it with our broad international reach and bicentenary expertise” says Urbano de Moraes, CEO of Mirabaud Family Office Brazil.

Echoing its dedication to nurturing promising young female athletes with entrepreneurial spirit, Mirabaud’s support for Tota involves not just endorsement but active engagement in her development and visibility in the sport. 

This commitment aligns with the vision set forth by Camille Vial, the 7th generation of Mirabaud’s founding family and CEO, to empower “Next Gen” women whose values resonate with those of Mirabaud, the family-owned and -led business founded in 1819 : “Tota’s prowess and determination have attracted our attention in Brazil, a key market for Mirabaud. With entrepreneurial spirit as part of our DNA, we have been committed to supporting women athletes and their audacious ventures for the past years, and this is exactly what Tota embodies”.

Tota reflects on the impact of this partnership: "Every athlete understands that the rewards of overcoming challenges and realising ones dreams make all the efforts worthwhile. The support from an influential and international brand not only bolsters my confidence but also empowers me to keep forging my path”.

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