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Corporate Finance

Depuis 1990, Mirabaud offre un large éventail de services de conseil et de courtage à un nombre croissant d'entreprises publiques et privées. Ses services comprennent le conseil, la recherche action, des services d’exécution, une expertise en marchés des capitaux ainsi que du courtage institutionnel.



Case Study

Acquisition of IEF2I by MBO & CO

Mirabaud Advisors acted as advisors of MBO & Co on the acquisition of IEF2I, in a highly competitive process.

Deal Overview

Date: August 2021

Sector: Financial services

Type of transaction: M&A - Sell side advice

Deal Team: Stéphane Benouaich / Paul Krotoff

About IEF2I

  • Established in 1998, IEF2I is a leading player within the Digital, IT and Business education market. The company is controlled by founder, Chantal Berdaa, and her family
  • The group has a strong position in the apprenticeship market thanks to a network of more than 3,000 partner companies
  • IEF2I offers 18 programs through 4 different schools including Digital School of Paris, Institut IF2I, IF2I Formation and Web Knowledge (e-learning platform)
  • Created in 2002, MBO & Co is a private equity house specialising in capital investment in small and mid-cap companies valued between €20m - €100m
  • MBO & Co has €580m of assets under management and has completed more than 100 transactions including build-up since its creation
  • MBO & Co has recently diversified its activities in Spanish, Belgian and Swiss companies


Visit IEF2I official website

Visit MBO & Co official website

Transaction overview

  • The transaction purpose was to accelerate the organic growth of IEF2I and to support its buy-and-build M&A strategy
  • Mirabaud Advisors was mandated by MBO & Co as buy-side M&A advisor
  • Thanks to its deep relationships with the shareholders (both the founder and CEO, Chantal Berdaa, and minority PE shareholder Alliance Entreprendre), Mirabaud Advisors guided MBO & Co to stand out from other suitors and build up goodwill and trust with the controlling family

Though mandated from the second round of a competitive process, we managed to secure and strengthen MBO & Co’s unrivaled value proposition to IEF2I. MBO & Co is the ideal partner to further accelerate the growth of IF2I to become a major player in the field of education in France.

Stéphane Benouaich
Head of Mirabaud Advisors, France

Mirabaud contribution and added value

  • This deal highlights the ability of Mirabaud Advisors to efficiently advise its clients in a competitive process as well as its deep understanding of family-owned businesses
  • Mirabaud Advisors has also shown its in depth knowledge of primary LBO situations, as well as its expertise in dealing with family-owned companies

Case study

Case leader

Corporate finance


Head of Mirabaud Advisors, France

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