Wealth and succession planning

Viewed as a whole, wealth can be multi-faceted and complex. Financial assets, property, business and family parameters must be organised in such a way that they are aligned with your individual investment strategy. Mirabaud can help you structure your assets, no matter which form they take.

Passing on wealth to future generations is a challenging task requiring preparation and expertise. Mirabaud provides you with financial, legal and tax know-how to devise and implement a succession plan that is tailored to your needs.

Legal and tax advice

Recent regulatory and tax developments have increased the number and complexity of parameters governing investment and management activities. Mirabaud's experts help you measure the impact of these new requirements so as to allow you to optimise the organisation of your assets.


Mirabaud Pensions is a global offering geared to private individuals such as business leaders, senior managers and the self-employed. It ranges from setting up a customised financial plan for accumulating retirement capital and protecting those close to you, to managing life insurance coverage and structuring portfolios.

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Managing Partner

Nicolas Mirabaud

"Our clients' needs are now more varied and more complex, but are still based on the same principles: the pursuit of rapid solutions as part of a long-term relationship based on trust."


LPP Gestion

LPP Gestion SA's core business lies in the technical, administrative and accounting side of occupational and individual pensions management, and it also undertakes related advisory and communications work. Our services are aimed at pension funds, companies and individuals living in Switzerland.

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Fondation pour cadres & dirigeants d'entreprises (FCDE)

The Fondation pour Cadres & Dirigeants d’Entreprises (FCDE, Foundation for Managers and Executives) provides supplementary occupational benefits for managers and executives in small, medium-sized and large companies, entrepreneurs with at least one employee, professional associations and collective foundations in Switzerland.

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Training in the field of occupational pensions and social security.Training in the field of occupational pensions and social security.

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