The Strategy team provides 3 screens covering up to 12,000 companies globally to identify long and shorter term trends in Valuation, Quality and Momentum. You can screen individual stocks, portfolios or whole indices on our on-line tool “Compass” in a very intuitive and user-friendly way. The Strategy team though, provides much more than a screening service. Based on the output of “Compass”, we pick out stocks of interest to dig deeper. Our “10 point checklist” notes are designed for fund managers and buy side analysts looking for notes which can provide the most information possible on a stock in a condensed format, whilst assuming little prior knowledge of stock. Long term trends in value creation, cashflow, capital allocation and much else are ticked off in a simple 10 point checklist format. This checklist is preceded by a 2 page summary reminding the reader of the basics and a short investment case.

Other regular publications include notes sifting through our “compass” data base to show up the best and worst stocks profiles, thematic notes writing on themes which we have identified and finally a growing list of investment book summaries which have proved particularly popular with clients.

The Mirabaud research team based in Madrid offers specialized insight into their home markets. The team covers 60 Spanish stocks with specific focus on small & mid cap names, including a top down Strategy Equity Research product focus on the Spanish market. 

The team also organises roadshows and reverse-roadshows. Our Spanish researchers have been awarded Starmine awards for three years.

The product covers Swiss companies, focusing on small & mid cap with coverage of large caps, including coverage of larger European companies within sector covered.

In addition to the generalist analysts, the team comprises of specialists in luxury goods, technology, consumer, banks, healthcare, med tech and industrials providing valuable insight and ideas in these areas. The team provides corporate access to clients through the organisation of roadshows and reverse-roadshows throughout the year.


Our coverage of the European luxury goods sector includes a combination of large, mid and small cap companies that compete in various segments of the personal luxury goods segment including hard luxury (watches and jewellery) and soft luxury (leather goods, footwear, ready-to-wear).

The personal luxury goods segment accounts for roughly one quarter of the total luxury goods industry and has generated rapid sales growth and improving profitability for more than two decades. This has been achieved on the back of the penetration of emerging markets, the expansion of retail networks, and increasingly effective business models. We expect growth to continue in the longer term as the global middle class expands further, but believe that a more selective investment approach is warranted as the industry becomes increasingly sophisticated, complex, and capital intensive. 


Mirabaud’s pharmaceutical research is headed by a PhD in pharmacology with ten years in the pharmaceutical industry and even longer following the sector.

The team focuses on fundamentals, competitive positioning and pipelines, and generates a balanced top down and bottom up product, which identifies mismatch between market cap and intrinsic value through cash flow modelling for longer-term investors.