Weekly Thoughts

Weekly Thoughts by Mirabaud Securities - 13 September 2019

Every Friday, some insights on the most notable events of the week and their impact on the market, analyzed by the specialists of Mirabaud Securities.

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Press releases

Mirabaud obtains an A+ in the Principles for Responsible Investment

Geneva 9. September - Mirabaud Group is pleased to announce the improvement of its PRI scoring, placing it well ahead of the industry average and outperforming in each of the considered categories.

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Global Presence

Mirabaud Securities offers services in London, Geneva, Zurich and Madrid.


Since 1990 Mirabaud has offered a wide range of services for public and private companies. Its services include research, execution, capital markets and corporate advisory.

Global Presence

Mirabaud has established itself as an expert and trusted intermediary in financial markets by offering independent advice that reflects the goals and interests of its clients. Mirabaud Securities offers services in London, Geneva, Zurich and Madrid.