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Multibooking : accompanying the increasing mobility of clients in total peace of mind

With greatly increased levels of geographic mobility, clients need new solutions to ensure optimum asset management. Mirabaud provides them with tailor-made solutions.

Raphaël Spahr, General Manager Mirabaud France SA

Mirabaud wants to become a reference point among private banks for asset management on behalf of family groups and private individuals. To achieve this ambition, our teams have developed effective support solutions in a context of the increasing geographic mobility of clients.

This mobility can be linked to various factors including career opportunities, choices relating to retirement destinations or where children will go to study or simply a desire for geographic diversification, protection or tax optimisation with regard to holdings.

New needs

To provide the best possible response to these new needs, Mirabaud has decided to provide its clients with “multibooking” solutions. The idea is simple, with clients offered a choice of several locations to deposit and/or manage their assets while leaving the task of coordinating and monitoring the relationship to the private manager with whom the client has developed a special, trusting relationship.

Few establishments are currently capable of providing any comparable solution. It requires a flexible organisation focusing on the relationship between the private managers and their clients, optimum and flexible IT and extensive know-how in terms of operational and asset taxation.

An international asset strategy

A single manager can therefore offer his client, who is resident in Spain for tax purposes, a securities account in Spain, a life insurance in Luxembourg – where he will deposit his unlisted securities and hedge funds – and a loan in England which could be secured by securities deposited in Spain to ensure tax efficiency. A single partner, one-stop management, consolidated monitoring of the international asset strategy and several locations in which assets are held: these are the new tools available to Mirabaud clients.

Multibooking therefore strengthens the position of our establishment as a singular private banking operator while respecting the fundamental values of Mirabaud. These focus on financial orthodoxy, caution and selectivity in business, a strict policy with regard to conflicts of interest, a history of good performance among its governing bodies and a high level of stability among its personnel.    

Photo : © J.-F. Robert