Performance and excellence. Mirabaud fosters not only initiatives, but also the men and women who defend the values behind these initiatives. Thus, the Group is committed to supporting projects and persons that embody performance and excellence.


More than any other sport, sailing brings together talented sportsmen and women with common goals. For this reason, Mirabaud has long associated its name and image with the world of sailing and the exceptional feats accomplished by its professionals.

Bol d'Or

The Group supports this major regatta in the European sailing calendar as title sponsor.

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Mirabaud Yacht
Racing Image

The Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image is the leading photography competition dedicated to sailing.

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SUI Sailing

The group is one of the partners of SUI Sailing Awards, which rewards the most deserving figures in the sailing arena.

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Contemporary Art

By showcasing contemporary art next to pieces from centuries past, Mirabaud is building a bridge between tradition and modernity – the same notion that drives the long-term vision the Group pursues in its management activities.


Tradition and modernity: the Mirabaud Collection builds bridges between the past and the present.

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des Bains

Mirabaud is the lead partner of the Quartier des Bains Association.

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Museum of Modern and
Contemporary Art

Mirabaud has been appointed as a partner of the MAMCO since early 2017.

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Mirabaud is supporting the mobile AQUA exhibition in Geneva, which observes the theme of water through a contemporary art lens.

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Classical music

Mirabaud has always had a passion for music. As an art combining talent, hard work and dedication, it is in perfect harmony with the Group's own profession.


Talent, hard work and dedication: the best musicians come together for these superlative concerts.

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Local projects

de Lecture

Supporting the Geneva cultural scene – and its image on the international scene – through literature and knowledge.

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Festival Goyescas

Festival Goyescas' mission is to give the public the opportunity to discover celebrated Spanish artists and to develop cross-cultural relationships at a local level.

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Projects supported in the past


Mirabaud has supported this globally unique project of sporting, human and technological endeavour for three years.

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A solo challenger par excellence, Dominique Wavre has been supported by Mirabaud across the seas.

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Symphony Orchestra

Mirabaud has been supporting the Balearic Symphony Orchestra for the last two years.

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In the past, the group has been involved side by side with various personalities and teams embodying performance.

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