Whether as a patron or sponsor, Mirabaud has always been committed to lending its active support to organisations which share the same objective: to have a positive impact on society as a whole by placing human beings at the heart of their responsibilities.

Best for Geneva

Action is needed for future generations and this program is a unique opportunity to collectively implement practices that make a difference. Best for Geneva proposes to train, equip and celebrate all the companies of the Canton that wish to be part of an economic model that integrates growth in a participatory, stable and sustainable way. It acts as a lever to promote quality jobs and strengthen ties with the community, while preserving the environment.


Set up by the United Nations in 1994, Interpeace is an international organisation based in Geneva that supports and assists with initiatives aimed at creating conditions for lasting peace throughout the world. Within the scope of the partnership concluded with Mirabaud in 2011, the Group donates to Interpeace a portion of the performance fees generated by one of its funds in order to secure the initiative's success.

Winds of Hope

As the first men to circumnavigate the world non-stop by hot air balloon, Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones wanted to use their fame to benefit the plight of children facing conflict, natural disasters and illness around the globe. This initiative gave rise to the Winds of Hope Foundation, which Mirabaud supported for six years, from 2011 until June 2016. The Foundation is currently working to combat noma, a disease primarily afflicting populations and children living in conditions of extreme poverty.


Both water and art have always played important roles for the Mirabaud Group. These two topics also form the basis for its corporate responsibility efforts. It is therefore only natural that Mirabaud should have lent its support to the AQUA travelling exhibition organised by ART for The World, a non-governmental organisation supported by the United Nations, whose aim is to use contemporary art as a tool to encourage us to really think. Comprising works by 32 contemporary artists that contain references to water, the AQUA exhibition has been displayed in Geneva and in São Paolo (Brazil).

Other commitments

Mirabaud's commitment is also reflected in its patronage and partnership activities.

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