Results & Key Figures

Stable and regular growth. Assets under management, results, international presence, human and financial resources: the Mirabaud Group in figures.

CHF 31.6 billion under administration

At 30 June 2016, gross assets under administration amounted to CHF 31.6* billion, comprising CHF 8.0 billion in Asset Management and CHF 23.6 billion in Wealth Management. Trends in assets under administration over the past 15 years reflect stable and steady growth.

*(including CHF 3.3 of double-counted assets)

14 offices on three continents

Emerging countries, industrialised nations: Mirabaud is active wherever there is potential for economic growth. The Group is present in Europe, North America and Asia with 14 offices in nine specific jurisdictions – Switzerland, UK, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong.

700 employees

As a Group with a strong international focus, Mirabaud currently employs some 700 people, more than half of whom work outside Switzerland.