At the cutting edge in Geneva

As part of its awareness-raising campaign on the crucial topics of our time, ART for the World presented the mobile AQUA exhibition in Geneva to coincide with World Water Day on 22 March 2017. The works by 32 contemporary artists, exhibited on Île Rousseau until 31 May and at Château de Penthes until 2 July, aimed to raise public awareness on the topics of water usage, interdependencies, sustainability and preservation. Managing this natural resource is one of the 21st Century's great challenges.

On conclusion of its time in Switzerland, from November 2017 onwards, the exhibition continued on to São Paulo, Brazil.

An international challenge

The geopolitical, economic and climatic challenges that water presents us stretch beyond borders, as they affect the very future of our planet. This is why the Mirabaud Group promotes quality in this field and works with partners who share the same concerns about this primordial element, the source of all life on Earth.

A forward-looking exhibition

ART for the World, supported by the United Nations, aims to use contemporary art as a tool to encourage us to really think. The organisation is currently run by Adelina von Fürstenberg, its founder and an internationally renowned exhibition curator who recently received the Swiss Grand Award for Art / Prix Meret Oppenheim, conveyed by the Swiss government. Her work was also rewarded with the Golden Lion for the best national pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale of International Art in 2015.

Adelina von Fürstenberg instiled the AQUA exhibition with the will to extend the boundaries of conventional visual art in our lives, asking us how we see our future and sparking dialogue on the major topics of our time.

ART for the World

Founded in 1996, ART for the World is a non-governmental organisation affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI). Its mission: to use art, cinema and contemporary culture as a tool with which to address current global issues. Exhibitions, screenings, events, and topical, mobile projects enable the organisation to build bridges between art and the challenges faced by society.

Since 1998, ART for the World has regularly collaborated with SESC Belenzinho's regional direction in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2005, its sister association ART for the World Europa was founded in Turin, Italy.

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