Each year, from 1 December to mid-January, the City of Geneva organises a festival of lights, which illuminates the lakeside town. One of the festival's 22 installations can be seen on the façade of the headquarters of Mirabaud, partner of this event until 2022.

The motto of Geneva – "Post tenebras Lux" ("light after darkness") – takes on its full meaning with the "Geneva Lux" festival, which, during the period of the year when the nights are at their longest, showcases the streets and certain buildings with light installations.

For the fourth year of the festival, 22 artistic creations light up Geneva, allowing inhabitants and visitors to experience the city in a different way.

The major work that illuminates the facade of Mirabaud is called "How High You Can Count", and was created by the Fribourg-based artist Emilie Ding. The work is comprised of luminescent tubes, representing an abstract tribute to the composer Pauline Oliveros, the founder of the concept of "deep listening", which explores the difference between hearing and listening - the two ways of processing the same sonic information.

The six rhythmic forms that wind between the windows of the building are generated by a protocol containing a code that converts into DD/MM/YYYY format the dates of birth and death of one of the greatest figures in American experimental music.

"Geneva Lux" - Festival of lights until 14 January 2018.