European fund centre. After having concentrated fund management and administration in Luxembourg in 2011, in 2014 Mirabaud obtained a banking license facilitating the distribution of a broad range of financial services throughout Europe.

Wealth Management

Operating out of Luxembourg, Mirabaud offers all of its wealth management activities for an international private clientele on the European market.

  • Portfolio management
  • Investment advisory
  • Wealth planning
  • Custody services

Asset Management

Alongside Mirabaud Asset Management (Europe) SA, the first management company in Luxembourg to comply with UCITS IV, the Group's structure is aligned to future regulatory developments in the field of alternative funds. This strategic position means it is able to also offer investors – especially those coming from countries in the European Union – privileged access to its range of funds and asset management services.

  • Management and distribution of traditional and alternative funds
  • Management and distribution of UCITS funds

Information on the remuneration policy

Mirabaud's banking license means it is able to offer extended wealth management services from its Luxembourg-based entity Mirabaud & Cie (Europe) SA, which allows the Group to centralise the management, administration and international distribution of its investment funds and in particular of UCITS funds.



Avenue de la Liberté 25
1931 Luxembourg
T +352 27 12 83 00 F +352 28 37 14 86

Avenue de la Liberté 25
1931 Luxembourg
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