About Scailyte

  • Scailyte, a Swiss company founded in 2017 as an ETH Zürich spin-off and based in Basel at the Novartis Campus (Switzerland) and in Cambridge-MA (USA), aims at advancing precision medicine with single-cell technologies, artificial intelligence, and multi-omics analysis.
  • The company has developed a best-in-class artificial intelligence platform for the discovery of complex disease patterns from single-cell data and is composed of the two business units:
    • ScaiVision –providing services and establishing co-development projects – and
    • ScaiDx –developing proprietary biomarkers.
  • Scailyte has developed biomarker signatures in diverse therapeutic areas with high level of accuracy and has the potential to span from discovery to translation into clinics and diagnostics.

Transaction overview

  • The scope of the project was to support the Scailyte’s fundraising process and help it secure the completion of the CHF 6M Series A round of financing with new resources to allow the Company to accelerate the achievement of its development and commercial milestones.
  • The Series A funding was coordinated by Mirabaud by collaborating with a Swiss family office, previous investors including Swiss-based institutional investors and an established Mirabaud bank vehicle.
  • Scailyte’s priorities will be focused on:
    • progressing their biomarkers, with the United States as the primary target market;
    • building strategic partnerships in single-cell omics, cell & gene therapy, and translational oncology to increase the success rate of clinical trials for novel anti-cancer therapies;
    • expanding the discovery capabilities of its best-in-class single-cell analytics platform.

Mirabaud contribution and added value

  • Mirabaud acted as the Company's exclusive advisor in the structuring, execution and completion of the fundraising process for the Series A funding of Scailyte.
  • Mirabaud managed:
    • structuring the T&Cs of the financing,
    • preparation of the project information and coordination of the Due Diligence,
    • elaboration of the Business Plan,
    • estimation of the future value creation pathways;
    • review of the legal documentation for the closing of the transaction.
  • Mirabaud acted as the hub for the transaction by merging a differentiated and international community of investors in a very concrete and time-efficient manner towards a mutual objective.

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Scailyte AG

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Digital Healthcare


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CHF 6'000’000

Mirabaud’s role

Exclusive Advisor