Aligned to your interests. Dedicated to an institutional clientele and covering almost 40 markets worldwide, Mirabaud’s broking activities are totally independent and encompass execution and sales services.


The Mirabaud sales force combines extensive experience, with an average of more than 15 years in the market, with a wide range of styles, ensuring a highly effective coverage of more than 500 investment institutions and hedge funds throughout the UK, Continental Europe, Asia and North America. The Group also has regional sales specialists in Switzerland, Spain, Germany and the UK as well as product specialists technical analysis, special situations, strategy, and environmental funds.


As a pure agency platform, the focus of the team is on idea generation that fits the particular needs of each client, which are not driven by any proprietary trading needs. Sales combine strong marketing of the Mirabaud research product with views on the wider market context, comparable companies to consider and the most important aspects of the macro economic landscape.

Sales Trading

Mirabaud prides itself on its sales trading product. For over 20 years it has been widely regarded as a discrete and effective place to do business. The team's strength is derived from both the strong relationships it has built over the years with the investment community (both institutional and hedge funds) and the ability to transact business in an efficient and non-conflicted way due to the agency only model the brokerage operates.

Trust and reliability

This has led to a longevity of client relationships and a reputation for discretion and fairness. Services provided include the dissemination of relevant news flow on both a macro and micro basis, idea generation and execution. This is a global offering.