Our five insiders are an artist, two gallerists, a professional from the world of finance, and an art collector. With the goal of making the arts and its different realities more accessible, together with our audience we want to better understand some aspects of the art world.

Discover the episodes of Art Insiders here below.

Episode 1

The artist: Monster Chetwynd

The protagonist of the first episode, Monster Chetwynd, is internationally known for her exuberant body of work, which she describes as 'impatiently made'. With works that range from performances to sculptures, paintings to videos and installations, the reworking of iconic moments from cultural history is common to all. Developed by means of poor materials, process and re-elaboration frame her work as being in constant flux. It is indeed the unfolding of processes and re-use of materials that emphasise the notion of collective development, for which participation and inclusion are characteristcs of much of the artist's work.

In this video, the artist tells us what it means to be an artist, what inspires her the most and how she would see a world without borders, among other topics.

The video with Monster Chetwynd was filmed at Galerie Gregor Staiger on the occasion of the "this is how we pierce the vault of heaven" exhibition, which displayed some of her works from the Bat Opera series started in 2003. Text credit: Zurich Art Weekend

Episode 2

The art gallerists: Gregor Staiger & Marie Lusa

Galerie Gregor Staiger, founded in 2010 and based in Zurich and Milan, focuses on emerging Swiss and international artists working with different media. With a varied exhibition programme, the gallery shows its represented artists - among which are Rachel Bradley, Nicolas Party, and Nora Turato - and experimental projects. Currently on view is an exhibition on Walter Pfeiffer's polaroids from 1972 to 2021.

In this video, Gregor Staiger and Marie Lusa talk about what it means to be a gallerist, and how enriching working with artists can be. Known for a precise dedication to the work of the artists they represent and work with, Galerie Gregor Staiger looks for art that is significant, especially for our times.

Text credit: Zurich Art Weekend

Episode 3

The professional from the world of finance: Michael Hoesli

Mirabaud has always conducted its activities in accordance with values that are deeply rooted in the company: independence, conviction, responsibility and passion. These are the same values that have led Mirabaud and Michael Hösli to become involved in the field of contemporary art, from the outset.

By associating itself with the dissemination of contemporary art, Mirabaud builds a bridge between tradition and modernity, between past, present and future - a position that is perfectly in line with its sense of innovation. It is these powerful legacies that allow Mirabaud to project itself into the future with such passion.

Contemporary art is a reflection of our times, a witness to the richness of an era and a thirst for creation to which we have a duty to respond. By offering a showcase for famous and emerging artists in its offices in Switzerland and elsewhere, Mirabaud gives its visitors the opportunity to experience a new, multi-faceted artistic reality. In painting, photography and sculpture, the Mirabaud Collection - made up of works belonging to the Partners and the Mirabaud Group - bears the signature of a modern institution, involved in its time and capable of turning its ambition into reality.

Text credit: Zurich Art Weekend

Episode 4

The art collector: Gigi Kracht

For nearly two decades, Gigi Kracht curates and manages 'Art in the Park', a sculptures garden at hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich. By defining herself as a conservator of the arts she collects rather than a collector in the classical sense, Gigi Kracht emphasises the passion that is needed to collect works of art. Of crucial importance is also the personal relationship that collectors (or conservators) like her build with their own collections, so much so that the excitement of having a new acquisition being delivered reaches rocket levels.

Text credit: Zurich Art Weekend